Although we strive to meet your needs to the best of our abilities and resources, the real actors of the program are you and your team members. We won't interfere with your group atmosphere but we will be right here to “guide you with the best resources” and to make your weight loss journey more interesting and exciting the all the time!

You will be able to track your progress on a weekly basis, chose your AVATAR AND HELP HIM/HER SUCCEED and MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in YOUR LIFE! It’s very important to share almost everything you feel with your team mates and support each other in your closed group on a daily basis.

How it works

Monthly Challenge

The most exciting, stimulating and energizing part of your journey of losing weight will happen the last week of every month. The top performer from your group (whoever has seen the most significant weight loss) will be asked to reveal his/her secrets of success and prepare a plan for workouts, diet, etc. for the following week to share with the group.

Our Strategy

TheBestLifeDeal won’t focus much on strict diets, scary exercises, food tracking and calories counting. Instead, we will try to gradually add new and healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine and help you and your team adopt new habits as easily and naturally as possible.

You will regularly receive useful and science-based information about nutrition, diet, health and fitness topics. These include: freestyle diet regimens and advice (you will figure out what works best for you); relevant health literacy lessons and medical research on weight loss topics; the latest physical fitness tips and WORKOUTS prepared by TBLD. We are also open to sharing your suggestions and ideas which can add to the program’s success.

Additional Support

TBLD will also provide you with medical experts and nutrition counseling so you can get all the necessary information on health risk or nutrition therapy for specific medical conditions.

Our Choice

To make your weight loss journey easier, through our online store you can find everything you will need on your journey including sport fitness equipment, trackers, fat calculators, sleep trackers, useful literature and many other useful tools you may need on your weight loss journey.

Our Hope

As you can see our hope is that you stay with us and enjoy the all privileges of the comfort of your home while losing weight. Instead of calorie-counting and strict diets, enjoy team work as way to weight loss success.

Make it your first TheBestLifeDeal