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Current methods of losing weight, are not working. The most recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2015, reports less than 1 % of overweight or obese people ever regain their healthy body weight. Why is this so daunting? First the motivation to eat less and exercise more decreases over time without the support of other people. Second, most people forget that process of being fit is not only about the body but also about the mind. So we have developed this 12-month team weight loss program for those seeking new methods for weight loss.

The unique thing about this program is the real people in charge are you and your team members. Although there are no shortcuts and no guarantee your team will win, we will do our best to help you feel motivated, adopting new healthy habits as quickly and painlessly as possible, gradually losing weight along this journey. Good luck and welcome to TheBestLifeDeal.

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