Bojko Bjelakovic
CEO&FOUNDER - TheBestLifeDeal

Professor Bojko Bjelakovic is a founder & CEO at TheBestLifeDeal, a creative and brand-new Company offering online revolutionary weight loss management platform. He has over 22 years of experience in medical clinical practice and 20 in clinical research.

In 2005 he became a subspecialist in cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Since then, he has been working and gaining extensive experience in preventive cardiology and cardiovascular medicine.
Professor Bjelakovic is a member of some very reputable professional organizations including:

  •        European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (EACPR)
  •        International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE)
  •        International lipid expert panel
  •        Mighty Medic Group

As a researcher, he spent 3 months at the Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC), Rotterdam, Netherlands, one month at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy and two months at Sapienza University of Rome.

He was honored to be appointed by Sapienza University of Rome as a Visiting Professor in 2018. To date, he has published over 30 scientific papers, mainly in recognized international journals.

CEO Executive assistant & Life Health Advisor - TheBestLifeDeal

Helping to provide holistic health care to positively impact patient outcomes.

As a healthcare provider with experience in multiple settings including primary care, cardiology and research I am a proponent of patient-centric care. My professional goal is to provide high value patient care that focuses on health promotion and maintaining optimal health. I strive to make a positive impact by empowering individuals to become an active participant in their healthcare decisions.

My specialty includes:

  • Evidence-based treatment of obesity as a chronic disease
  • Assisting patients in achieving & maintaining medically significant weight loss
  • Utilization of appropriate anti-obesity pharmacological interventions when appropriate 
  • Empowering patients to achieve personal health goals 
  • Supporting patients in self-management of chronic disease
Milos Stanojkovic
TheBestLifeDeal - Marketing Manager

Milos Stanojkovic studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis, Serbia, and spent a semester in the United Kingdom, where he completed undergraduate courses in Cross-cultural studies, Communication, English Language, Leadership, Public Speaking, Community Organizing and Youth Work with merits at Kings Community College and University of Southampton, UK.

Always a creative spirit, with a great desire for building communities, he then moved forward to studying graphic and web design, music, videography and marketing. He is a firm believer in using these artistic expressions and tools combined with the ever expanding influence and reach of the internet to create and sustain online, as well as the traditional, communities.

He loves to travel and spends a lot of time visiting friends and organizations abroad. He has been involved in organizing and leading international music and fitness camps, conferences, and community outreach in Serbia, England, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia…

His life goal is to devote his time, energy and experience to help build communities and invest in people. If you ask him, he will say that his life motto is to “Reach the fullness of his potential by helping people reach theirs”.

Ivan Tasic
Account Manager - TheBestLifeDeal
Ivan Tasic graduated as doctor of medicine in 2007, but decided that the world of medicine is too small a world for him, and his many interests, so he chose to pursue a career that allowed for traveling, meeting new people, and enabled him to do humanitarian work.

He is 1-part entrepreneur, 2-part Field Force Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, 3-part Aikido master, 4-part humanitarian. To many parts? He would say even that’s not enough, and he is always seeking new experiences and knowledge, as the modern world needs versatile individuals ready to help their fellow humans in a lot of different ways and areas. He is one of those individuals.

His love for people and his passion for improving lives and promoting healthy living can be seen in everything he does. He is a founder and instructor (sensei) of Aikido and Aikijujutsu club since 2003, has a decade long experience working as a Professional Associate, then as a Field Force Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, and is a founder, board member and president of “Civitan club Nis, Serbia “, a part of humanitarian organization “Civitan International”. 

He helped organize many humanitarian events promoting healthy and active lifestyle, inclusion and tolerance, and is a published author of several papers and articles on those subjects. With more than 15 years of being involved in martial arts, pharmacy and management, his goal is to use that experience in helping individuals reach their full potential and take control of their lives, by disciplining their whole self - body, soul and mind.
Jelena Calasan
TheBestLifeDeal-Health & Medical Writer

Jelena grew up in Novi Sad, Serbia where she received an undergraduate degree in Biology from University of Novi Sad.

From there, she travelled towards the science hotspot, arrived at The Techincal University of Munich, and completed a PhD in Immunology.
Her dissertation focused on the role of bacteria and diet in Inflamatory Bowel Disease.During her PhD, Jelena leared, among other academic skills, how to make clear and simplified explanations of scientific and technical concepts. This she used to perfect her skills in Medical and Scientific Writing. Since almost two years she has been working as a freelance medical writer, expanding her network within the biotech, publishing, med comms, and pharmaceutical industries.

She is passionate about communicating scientific advances to the public to address important medical and nutrition questions. Outside of the office, Jelena is a sports enthusiast and an avid rock climber. She believes that everyone can benefit from yoga, and she loves to spend her time in wild in a good company of her son, her dog and an exciting book.

During the week, you may find Jelena in a cafe, working on a project. She enjoys coworking with creatives and meeting people from different backgrounds, which she considers the most satisfying aspect of meing a member of TBLD team. Jelena chooses to focus her time, energy and conversation around people who inspire her, support her and help her grow into her happiest, strongest, wisest self, together with helping other to achieve the same.

Prof Claudia Stefanutti
TheBestLifeDeal - Medical Counseling Team
Professor Claudia Stefanutti received her Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine (Atherosclerosis) from University of Siena, Italy, in 1988. Her specializations are in:
• Liver and Metabolic Diseases (1986)
• Emergency Surgery (1994), both received from Sapienza University of Rome.
She studied extracorporeal techniques at the Department of Hematology from 1987-1989. During her surgical training she was the first to introduce the autologous blood recovery from wound or surgical site. Claudia is the Head of Extracorporeal Therapeutic Techniques, Lipid Clinic and Atherosclerosis Prevention Centre, Department of Molecular Medicine and Department of Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine, and serves as a Professor of Internal Medicine at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. She is also a Full Member of the International Society of Cytokines (2010) and European Board Trustee of the International Society for Apheresis (2011). She led the Italian Multicenter Study on LDL apheresis Working Group (2006-2012), and in (2012) has founded the Multidisciplinary International Group for Hemapheresis Therapy and Metabolic Disturbances Contrast (MIGHTY MEDIC). Claudia became Visiting Professor at the University of Nis, Serbia in 2017 and Visiting Professor at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria in 2018.
Prof Gerald Watts
TheBestLifeDeal - Medical Counseling Team
Professor Gerald Watts, DSc, MD, PhD, FRCP, FRACP, is a graduate of the University of London and received his clinical and research training in the UK. He is Director of the Cardiometabolic Clinical Service at Royal Perth Hospital and Winthrop Professor of Medicine in The School of Medicine, University of Western Australia. His research interests include lipid disorders, obesity and cardiovascular prevention, and his clinical interest focuses on delivering improved health care for FH. As well as being very active in clinical research, he oversees the care of acutely ill patients and consults regularly in internal medicine. He has delivered invited lectures in his cognate discipline to learned societies and academic bodies across the globe. He is on the editorial board of Clinical Science, Atherosclerosis, Metabolism, Journal of Clinical Lipidology, International Journal of Clinical Cardiology and Current Opinion in Lipidology, and is the present Chair of the FH Australasia Network. Professor Watts has authored over 600 published works, including scientific articles, reviews and monographs.
Mariela Gabriela Bulisani
TheBestLifeDeal - Medical Counseling Team

Dr Maria Gabriela Bulisani graduated in Medicine at University of Medical Sciences of Sorocaba, Brasil, in 2010.
After University, she has specialized in:
1) General Clinic (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo from March 2011 ‘till 2013).
2) Endocrinology (University of Medical Sciences of ‘Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo’ from March 2013 ‘till March 2015
3) Nutrition (Brazilian Association of Nutrition in 2015)

She has also studied as a fellow observer in the Latino Diabetes Initiative at the Joslin Diabetes Center - Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, for 3 months, beginning on August 31, 2015.
She used to teach a course of General Clinic in São Paulo for medical students as an endocrinology teacher until last year. 
Nowadays, she works as an endocrinologist in Hospital Leforte - (Liberdade and Morumbi units in São Paulo), where she has to deal more with diabetes (most prevalent endocrinology hospital disease).
She also works for the company Prevent Senior and in her private office as a nutritionist also, where most of her patients are obese and are struggling against obesity.
She is a full member of the Endocrine Society.

Sara El Baba
TheBestLifeDeal - Nutrition Consulting Team

Sara El Baba received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the prestigious American University of Beirut, Lebanon in 2011 and then completed her dietetic internship at the American university of Beirut Medical Center.

Sara has more than 5 years of experience in nutrition and health. She specializes in weight loss, nutrition in childhood, pregnancy and lactation, and medical nutrition therapy for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Her interest also expands to the field of health promotion and preventive nutrition.

Sara is a registered dietitian in the USA, UAE and Lebanon. She is a member of the American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and the Lebanese Association for Nutrition & Food Sciences.

Sara is now a clinical dietitian in a well-known medical center in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a Nutrition & Healthy Food blogger and a busy mom with a passion for healthy cooking and living.


Dear potential program participant

A growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that current methods of getting people to lose weight aren’t working. The most recent study based on electronic health records, published in American Journal of Public Health in 2015, showed that only less than 1 percent of obese people get back to a healthy body weight *

Why is this so daunting? We have recognized two important aspects to note. The first one, is that the motivation of obese people to “eat less and move more” decrease over time without the help of the professionals or other persons sharing the same problem. The second one is that the significant numbers of obese individuals forget that the process of being fit is “not only in their body”, but also in “their minds”.

Although the obvious changes are physical, being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are “essential things for a good health and healthy internal functionality” Taking all this into consideration we have devised this 12 month long “team weight loss program” to try to help all of you who are seeking different modalities and solutions to resolve your obese problem

What is most important is that The Best Life Deal program provides you an opportunity to reach your weight and health goals from the comfort of your home!

Although there are no shortcuts and there is no guarantee that your “Team” will win, we will do our best to help you gradually lose weight and feel motivated during this journey.

WHO WE ARE? We are a team of experienced health professionals, including medical doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and life coaches all dedicated to make you look and feel good.

It isn’t always easy to choose the right way in your life and get the most from it!? We offer to you the only one solution that will probably suit you!

* Fildes A, Charlton J, Rudisill C, Littlejohns P, Prevost AT, Gulliford MC. Probability of an Obese Person Attaining Normal Body Weight: Cohort Study Using Electronic Health Records. Am J Public Health [Internet]. 2015 Sep [cited 2017 Jun 2];105(9):e54–9;
Available from: